We recently gained access to an oven and paint booth graciously provided by my main customer RANS, so I am able to paint bike frames for them. I might be able to take on some small paint projects from other customers, but it will be a case by case basis depending on the size and complexity of the item, and if I can work it into my schedule. Thanks for understanding.

About Us

Located in southwest Kansas between Dodge City and Garden City, Koehn Customs is a business I started in 2016 so I could continue to offer a powder coating service for the area after our main company was sold off. I have been powder coating since about 2006, and have experience painting a lot of different items including: bicycle frames, motorcycle parts, vehicle wheels, outdoor fencing, signs, toolboxes, and everyday household items. Feel free to check out my gallery page where I will be uploading pictures of past jobs along with ones I am currently working on.


We are proud to be the powder coater for RANS Bikes. All the bikes they manufacture at their factory here in Montezuma are brought to us for final prep and painting. 

Powder Paint

We get almost all of our paint from one supplier, Prismatic Powders. They have over 6,500 colors to choose from, so the options are endless. I do keep some colors in stock, but with the short shelf life of the powder, it works better to order the exact amount of paint I need for each job. I receive most custom paint orders in just a few days.

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Koehn Customs

107 W. Texcoco, Montezuma, Kansas 67867, United States

(316) 304-7979


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